Sugar glider teepee pouches

designed for your sugar gliders, small animals, and birds

glager in Teepee Pouch
a pouch

What you are looking at is a small animal hanging teepee pouch, great for your pet to play, sleep, and nest in. We had my sugar gliders in mind when we originally design this pouch. We quickly realized that it would work great for other small animals when we gave one to our friend that raises rats. This pouch would work for all similar pets, bird, ferrets, and hedgehogs.

The front opening is ideal for you to view your pet all the time. You can also reach in pet them and give them a little snack.

The fabrics we have chosen are flannel, poly/cotton and pill free fleece. All are fabrics are safe for your little critter and were washed prior to working with it. The seams are all enclosed, so no tiny nails will get caught or injured.

Pouches are approx. 16-17 inches tall with a circumference of 24 inches. All supplies used are from a clean smoke free enviornment. The great advantage to these pouches is the Velcro closure at the bottom which allows you access to the plastic support bottom. This makes washing your pouch in the washer possible. Just simply remove the plastic suport and wash the fabric portion in the washer, while rinsing off the plastic support base.

a pouch